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Left to right: Ashley and John James, Holley and Alex, Kavacia and Kaizen.
Submitted photo Left to right: Ashley and John James, Holley and Alex, Kavacia and Kaizen.

Faith Maternity Care (FMC) exists to serve women who choose to carry their babies to full-term, by providing a home for expectant mothers, along with community client services for moms who already have a place to call home. Since our mommas have been busy this fall, we decided to take a much-needed break to explore nature's beauty. We found a fun park, walked in the leaves, and took some amazing photos. The water of the river, with our state capital in the background, was a nice place to relax and enjoy the little boys crawling around, discovering sticks, leaves, and rocks. When working though recovery and finding jobs, it's good to remember balance is important, and taking time out to have a mom's day away is refreshing to the mind, body, and spirit. To celebrate all of our mom's birthdays, a generous donor offered to bless our mommas with a birthday dinner, and they chose a fun place to try new veggies and flavors in bento boxes. The babies enjoyed their bottles and some tasty rice.

You may wonder what comprises a typical day for a mom residing in the FMC home. The day starts early, with our moms getting her baby up and dressed for the day. Breakfast time is a wild mix of flying activities, as a mom goes between feeding herself and her baby, packing a lunch and diaper bag, and then cleaning up the kitchen. If a mother's weekly chores involve taking care of the dishes, then she has to add in unloading the dishwasher to the first part of her morning routine. Each day is full of activities planned with the intention to help each woman reach her individual goals and to work towards her dreams for a positive future with her child. Some moms head to work first thing, while others are involved in therapy for wellness, online parenting classes, college courses, or completing homework for life skills, budgeting, and goal setting. Most moms are working 3-5 days a week, while saving all they can to be prepared for launching out on their own.

After work and school comes a full night of homelife. Each mom is assigned a night to cook dinner for the FMC family, and everyone has assigned chores to keep the home safe and inviting for their babies. We greatly value time around the dinner table together. Many statistics indicate this is where a family builds the bonds needed to cultivate a healthy homelife, which is key to children thriving while learning to care for another's interests, trials, and concerns. Practicing empathy and learning active listening skills is something we carry forward with us, and it can be seen every evening at the FMC home. Building a family out of a group of strangers, all with different backgrounds, is a tall order, and dinner time is a place where that recipe comes together. The moms take turns with evening prayer and learn from the scriptures during evening devotional time together. Since we do have night staff, the moms learn from a great mix of faith backgrounds while they discover their own faith journey. It's a blessing to witness the FMC family learn to trust, learn to share growth, and to extend love to everyone in our home, where faith always finds a way. Shelley Knight is Faith Maternity Care's executive director.

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