New Bloomfield Christian School hosting Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday, a fundraiser to raise money for New Bloomfield Christian School, will be November 28 starting at 10:30 a.m.

Giving Tuesday is meant to raise money for the school because of the massive growth of students they have experienced over the past year.

Melodie Dillion, administrator of New Bloomfield Christian School, said this year is the first year the event will take place.

"This is the first year we have had this fundraiser, where we are a new school, this being the beginning of our third year, we expect our school to continue to grow," Dillion said.

She explained that the school building they are using now is not able to house anymore students, which this fundraiser will help fund new classrooms being built or a new school building.

"This year we have added fifth grade, with kindergarten through fourth grade already being at the school, we will need more classrooms," Dillion said.

Along with this, they expect to add a sixth grade next year, with the possibility of adding middle school students in the future.

"People can donate online through our website if they want to contribute to our cause but cannot make it to the event," Dillion said.

Giving Tuesday is meant to not only raise money for the school, but to also show the need to the community of a new building, or more classrooms, at the school.

"Of course, the event we are having at the school will be meant to raise money, where we will have chili for three dollars, pie for two dollars," Dillion said.

Along with this, they will be giving tours of the school.

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