Quitugua Food Service opens Holts Summit restaurant

Quitugua Food Service, once a food truck that served areas in Mid-Missouri, has now transitioned to a restaurant in Holts Summit.

Quitugua's first day open in the new restaurant was Wednesday.

The food truck experienced major growth since its opening in April 2022, causing the decision to transition to a restaurant.

Christopher Johnson, who is a co-owner of Quitugua Food Service with Laura Johnson, said the business has quickly grown since opening.

"Our business has had exponential growth since we started, with our production and revenue almost quadrupling since we have begun," Johnson said.

With Quitugua transitioning to a restaurant, he explained that a restaurant will add value to the community that uplifts their food truck, along with allowing business to grow in different ways.

"I know of people who do not like eating from food trucks," he said.

He added the new restaurant will attract those people. It will also eradicate some issues that are a part of the food truck business.

Some issues he explained were the weather and the challenge of preparing the food truck in addition to the food.

"The transition to our restaurant has gone well, due to the success we have experienced with our food truck," Johnson said.

He explained that Laura has majorly contributed, doing the interior design of the store, along with helping and contributing to other places of need.

Johnson said they expect to add to their staff, which they are excited to do.

With the addition of a restaurant, he still plans to use the food truck to serve other areas in the community.

Hours for the restaurant are 4-8 p.m. Wednesday-Saturday. It is closed Sunday-Tuesday.

Quitugua is located at 169 W. Simon Blvd., Suite B in Holts Summit.

To learn more about the business, visit facebook.com/quituguafoodservices.

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