Fulton residents call for outdoor pickleball courts

Fulton residents have recently expressed interest in the construction of outdoor pickleball courts by starting a petition to have them constructed.

With pickleball being an easy sport to play for all ages, along with its growth in Fulton, members of the Fulton Pickleball Club started a petition, along with taking action.

Eric Boyd, vice president of the Fulton Pickleball Club, explained the community's want for pickleball courts.

"I, along with members of the Pickleball club, expressed a need for courts to be built, making the petition and attempting to gain support for the cause," Boyd said.

The petition currently has 177 signatures, with the goal being 200 signatures.

"Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in the world, where it is inclusive to all age groups, along with it being cheap to play," Boyd said.

Fulton has pickleball courts at the YMCA and Legends Rec-Plex, although there are not enough courts at either location for tournaments or multiple games to be played at one time.

"Along with this, there are numerous other Pickleball clubs in the surrounding areas where they would travel to Fulton to use these courts," Boyd said.

This would in turn cause more business and people to come through Fulton, a positive he mentioned to help support the construction of these courts.

"This would be an expensive facility, where we would need the support of the city, along with numerous fundraising efforts," said Boyd.

To start, he has talked to Fulton Parks and Recreation, hoping to have them help in funding the construction.

"This has not been the first time where a need has been expressed by the community, however, not in this magnitude," Boyd said.

There is still a lot to be done for pickleball courts to be constructed in Fulton.

"The community needs to reach out to the City Council, along with Parks and Recreational department, if there is a want for this to happen," said Boyd.

The club was invited to the Fulton Parks and Recreation board meeting on Dec. 13 to discuss the desire for courts.

To learn more about the initiative and sign the petition, visit change.org/pickleball-courts-in-fulton.

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