Fulton board of education discusses district programs, future calendars

At Wednesday's Fulton Public Schools Board of Education meeting, the board heard updates on several district programs and discussed future district calendars.

As part of the board's consent agenda, a revision to the 2023-24 Fulton High School handbook was approved.

Students at FHS are now prohibited from bringing or using blankets on school grounds between 7:10 a.m.-3 p.m. This includes classrooms, common areas and outdoor spaces.

According to the board's packet, the rationale for the revision comes from safety and security concerns, hygiene concerns and learning environment concerns.

Parents as Teachers (PAT) staff provided a yearly program report to the board. The yearly report informs the board about PAT procedures, including evaluation procedures and screenings.

Cristina Heet, director of special services and federal programs, spoke to the board about the yearly program report on differentiated instruction.

As part of the report, Heet outlined what services are provided to "at-risk students." Some services include counseling, individual health plans, special education services, reading plans and summer school.

Heet said in the report that 70 students are in Project Extra, the gifted student program for students in grades 2-12.

All students in Project Extra are required to have a cognitive score of 95 percent or higher. The score is found by using the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, 5th Edition. Other areas are evaluated after a score of 95 percent or higher is obtained.

Students in the program participate in class at Fulton Middle School one day a week. The schedule for the classes was changed this year because of the growing number of students and "diverse needs of each grade levels."

Heet also provided a yearly program report on special services to the board.

For the 2022-23 school year, Fulton Early Childhood Center served 39 students. K-12 special education served 385 students.

The total incident rate for the school year was 16.27 percent. According to the report, this is above the state average of 13.43 percent for the 2022-23 school year.

The board discussed the 2024-25 district calendar. Important dates of the calendar include: first day for new teachers, Aug. 6; all faculty return, Aug. 14; first day of school, Aug. 21; winter break, Dec. 23-Jan. 3; spring break, March 24-27; and graduation, May 23. Summer school will be June 2-27.

The calendar is 94 hours above the state requirement of 1,044 hours.

"Any inclement weather days will not have a negative impact on the last day of school," the board's packet states.

The board approved the 2024-25 district calendar.

They also discussed the 2025-26 preliminary district calendar.

Important dates of the preliminary calendar include: first day for new teachers, Aug. 5; all faculty return, Aug. 13; first day of school, Aug. 20; winter break, Dec. 22-Jan. 2; spring break, March 23-26 and graduation, May 22. Summer school will be June 1-26.

The board approved the 2025-26 preliminary district calendar.

The board discussed Missouri School Boards' Association Policy Services Program. The board adopted six policies.

Policy AC, prohibition against illegal discrimination, harassment and retaliation; BBB-1, school board elections; BBBA-1, board member qualifications; BBF, school board member ethics; EF, food service management; and JHCD, administration of medications to students.

The board approved the six policies.

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