Rotary Club to host Narcan training, distribution event

Fulton Rotary Club will host a Narcan training and distribution event Nov. 15.

The event will be at the John C. Harris Community Center (350 Sycamore St.).

Training and distribution will be split into three 30-minute sessions. The sessions are 4:30-5 p.m., 5:15-5:45 p.m. and 6-6:30 p.m.

Registration is not required for the event.

Each session will begin with a welcome and introduction. Two videos will then be shown.

Every session will conclude with 10 minutes of instruction by Callaway County EMS staff.

Pizza and drinks will be provided.

100 boxes of Narcan nasal spray will be handed out at the event. Each box contains two doses. Only the first 100 people will receive Narcan.

Fulton Rotarian Bob Hansen said opioid addiction "is not limited to any group."

"There may be people in your business, there may be people in your school, there may be your neighbors, all of whom may at some time experience an overdose, and you want to be ready," Hansen said, adding "Narcan will save lives, but you have to have access to it at the time someone needs it to save that life."

Hansen said one of the great things about Narcan is that it can't hurt anyone. He added it can be used safely even if someone is not experiencing an overdose.

Narcan is "super easy to administer," Hansen said. The nasal spray is squirted up a person's nostril.

Each box of Narcan handed out at the event will contain two doses, which Hansen said both doses could safely be administered to one person.

"But that might be the amount that person needs," he said.

Hansen encourages employers to have Narcan available on job sites.

The training and distribution event is sponsored by Callaway County EMS, Callaway County Health Department, The Family and Community Trust and the Rotary Club of Fulton.

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