Faith Maternity Care begins Baby Bottle Drive

Anakin Bush/Fulton Sun Community members, mothers and Faith Maternity Care members stand in front of the FMC house at Saturday's Baby Bottle Drive Fundraiser kick-off event. This is the second year FMC has offered this fundraising event.

Faith Maternity Care hosted a kick-off event on Saturday to celebrate the start of the annual Baby Bottle Drive Fundraiser.

FMC is a non-profit organization that serves, assists and equips "expecting mothers who are considering parenting their babies or making an adoption plan for them," FMC's website states.

The group also connects mothers with resources and provides education to promote options and success for independent living.

This event collects cash and change in a baby bottle. It runs from Mother's Day through Father's Day.

The funds raised from the Baby Bottle Drive go towards helping the women at Faith Maternity Care.

This is the second year FMC has put on this event.

At Saturday's kick-off event, community members gathered to celebrate mothers.

"We are here today to honor and celebrate our mothers, and to give praise and glory to the successes of what everybody's contribution does for Faith Maternity Care," Shelley Knight, FMC executive director, said.

Knight said that FMC supports mothers who choose to carry babies full-term.

"Amidst all of her choices and options, she's choosing life," she added.

Two mothers with the organization were at Saturday's event. Knight said they are very proud of them.

Some of the overarching goals FMC has for mothers is how to move them forward in life, how to find a job and how to find a community, Knight said.

At Saturday's event, two stories were read that were written by recent mothers with FMC. These stories showed the circumstances that brought them to FMC, how the program changed their parenting story and some highlights of how their lives have changed.

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