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Test of Callaway County ballot machines completed

by Anakin Bush | March 25, 2023 at 4:00 a.m.

A public test of Callaway County's ballot machines took place Friday, and no issues were detected during the test.

The test took place at the Callaway County Health Department, with both Republicans and Democrats present to ensure it remained a bipartisan test.

Ronda Miller, Callaway County Clerk, said everything went well at this year's test.

Sample ballots were processed through eight ballot machines to ensure they correctly received the accurate amount of votes.

She said the county used to test every single voting machine, but that they were one of the few counties in Missouri that did that.

"They felt comfortable with the eight, and we had no problems and we're ready to go," Miller said.

The process of preparing for an election -- whether it be a General Municipal Election or a Primary Election -- is 12 weeks long.

There will be approximately 86 poll workers for Callaway County this year, Miller said. A Primary Election usually has around 200 poll workers.

Each polling location will have at least four workers present while the polls are open. The teams of workers will also be bipartisan, Miller said.

Miller said the turnout for General Municipal Elections usually isn't as high as a Primary Election or General Election. Last year's turnout for Callaway County was 9.9 percent.

She hopes the turnout is higher this year.

"I'd love to see at least even a 30 percent (turnout). That would be wonderful for an April election," Miller said. "But I have not seen that yet, and this is the beginning of my fifth year."

She said that people should be coming to vote at the General Municipal Election, as there are many important decisions to be made on the ballot.

"There are school board candidates, and they're the ones that a lot of the time will put a tax issue on the ballot, raise taxes and things like that," Miller said.

She added that the mayor and council member races within cities are also important.

The General Municipal Election will be April 4. Polling places will be open from 6 a.m.-7 p.m.

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