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Callaway Memories

by Anakin Bush | March 25, 2023 at 4:00 a.m.
Photo courtesy the Kingdom of Callaway Historical Society Leonard Taylor's wife Aline and daughter Marilyn (peeking over the counter to her right) in the bakery at 203 St. Louis Ave. The interior has changed, but the building still stands across from Little Caesar's Pizza.

150 years ago (1873)

(From advertisement). PRINTER WANTED! A good Printer can find employment at this office (Fulton

Telegraph). Liberal wages. No drunkard need apply.

At the residence of the bride's mother, near Shamrock, Mr. Thomas A. McIntyre of Audrain and Miss

Nancy V. Sayers were married.

125 years ago (1898)

A ventilated waterproof burial casket, the invention of Dr. J. J. Stevens of Clinton, MO, by means of

which the dead when interred can be preserved for an indefinite period of time, will be exhibited at the

Trans-Mississippi Exposition.

Mrs. Mary A. Henderson, 75, widow of the late John B. Henderson who was one of the leading citizens

of the Concord neighborhood, passed away on the old homestead adjoining Concord. Mary A.

McPheeters was born in Jessamine County, KY; came with her parents to Missouri in 1839 and was

married in 1841. She was a sister to Judge Robert McPheeters and to Mrs. E. C. Russell near Auxvasse.

She was the mother of Robt., Chas. A. and J. William as well as Mrs. J. J. McPheeters and Mrs. J. M. Rudd

all of whom survive her. She will be buried at Concord.

100 years ago (1923)

"Aunt" Martha Bailey, 98 years old, one of the old-time women of Fulton, died at her home on West

Eighth Street. Funeral services were held at Calvary Baptist church and burial was in the White Cloud

neighborhood. "Aunt" Martha was the mother of Moses Bailey, one of the most respected men in


R. E. Ashurst, who lives on the Ben F. Day place, about four miles southwest of Fulton, recently received

2 service medals from the Canadian government, having served in France for two years during the World

War with the army of that country. He was about 50 years old at the time of the war and tried to enlist

with the American forces, but was rejected on account of his age. He then tried to enter the Canadian

ranks and was received. Seventeen Americans served in the same platoon with him.

75 years ago (1948)

Miss Edna J. Beaman, daughter of Henry Gilmore of Steedman, and Henry R. Mealy, son of W. L. Mealy

of Williamsburg, were married by Rev. C. E. Hanan, pastor of the First Baptist Church, at his home on St.

Louis Ave. Russell Gilmore and Mrs. Girtrude Hutchins were the attendants. The groom works at

Harbison – Walker Refractories. They will make their home in Steedman.

Leonard Taylor is set to open a new bakery. The bakery which is located at 203 St. Louis Ave. is a rock

structure 60x25 feet and is provided with the latest bakery equipment such as a gas oven with shelves

which rotate over the flame in the same order as a barbeque. Also, a retard has been installed which will

keep the dough in perfect condition between the time it is mixed until baked. Taylor, who formerly

operated at Fifth and Nichols, will also carry ice cream, dairy products and candy. There will be an Open

House on Monday, March 29, from 10 a. m. – 8 p.m. The Bakery is located at 203 St. Louis Ave. and the

phone number is 477.

(From an advertisement)Plan to Attend. Shamrock Pavilion. Saturday, March 27, 1948. Something New.

Thomas 5-Piece Band. Henry Tucker, pianist; Esque Douglas, saxophone; Francis Neumann, Violin; Sam

Thomas, drums.

Hugh P. Williamson, Fulton attorney and author, has been notified by the Dorrance and Co., of

Philadelphia, publisher of his book, "South of the Middle Border," that a second edition is now in

preparation and will be available within the next few weeks. This book, published in 1946, is being used

extensively as supplementary reading for courses in history and English in the schools of Missouri and

other states.

50 years ago (1973)

Those from Tebbetts attending the Kingdom of Callaway Supper were Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Autenrieth, Mr.

and Mrs. Roy Fowler, Mr. and Mrs. Ansel Sutton, Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Stock, Mr. and Mrs. Gary

Vandelicht, Mr. and Mrs. John Miller, Mrs. Una Moseley, Forest Williams, Jody Johnson and John Sutton.

Junior High Champions. Following a two week wrestling clinic conducted by Fulton Junior High Coach Joe

Sturgis and Fulton High School wrestlers, a tournament was held. The champions included Don Fischer,

David Means, Steve Gohring, Dennis Hampton, Don Landrum, Bruce Skinner, Bob Wilson and Jerry


A large crowd attended the Lions Club sausage and pancake day held at the Tebbetts Community Hall.

25 years ago (1998)

Keeping Brick Streets Is Worth The Effort. If Fulton's downtown area was a charming older home, the

brick streets would be its hardwood floors. Many aesthetic improvements, including meticulously

renovated buildings and decorative street lighting make the downtown area so attractive. The effort put

in laying out the 'Welcome to Historic Downtown Fulton' mat shows. But a portion of the bricks- the

bedrock of the historic theme- will be paved over in a couple of weeks for a smoother, easier-tomaintain surface on Nichols Street. Paving over bricks is like laying linoleum over hardwood floors.

Several years ago, most city officials stood by the bricks. "The bricks' value historically is immeasurable,"

said former City Administrator Mike Miller. As Fulton focuses on attracting business to its highway-lined

perimeters, it seems appropriate to remember these words from former Councilman, Tom Harris. "The

bricks must stay. They are our history," he said. "You can't move forward if you forget your history, and

that is true if we forget our history with these bricks."

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Fischer will celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary with their children. The

couple was married March 29, 1958 at the First Baptist Church. They have lived in Fulton their entire

marriage and have two sons, Jim Fischer of Joplin and Travis Fischer of Fort Smith, AR. Mr. Fischer was a

former store manager of the IGA Food Store and is currently enjoying retirement. Mrs. Fischer is

employed in customer service at the Callaway Bank.

Print Headline: Callaway Memories


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