Callaway Memories

Photo courtesy the Kingdom of Callaway Historical Society 1919 map of roads leading out of Fulton. Each numbered section is one mile. What we now call "Business 54 South" didn't exist until sometime after 1926. The old Jeff City Hwy. runs diagonally through sec. 19 & 30. The Mokane Road is between sec. 28 & 29.

150 years ago (1873)

There is nothing purer than honesty. Nothing warmer than love. Nothing richer than wisdom. Nothing

brighter than virtue. Nothing more steadfast than faith. These unified in one mind, form the purest,

sweetest, warmest, brightest and most steadfast happiness.

100 years ago (1923)

Work began of gravelling a mile of the Mokane Road between the Whitlow and Fennell places on

Monday. The Mokane road in the Fulton District is to have several minor improvements as the rough

places are to be filled in with cinders and a concrete culvert is to be built at the Fennell place, according

to P. D. Thurmond, engineer for the district. Work on the last miles of the Jefferson City Road in the

Fulton district is to begin this week. Gravel was placed on that part of the road last fall, but was not

smoothed over and is now pretty rough. Scarifying and then smoothing is expected to put that road in

good condition. Roads in all parts of the county are in fine shape because farmers are keeping the

highways along their farms dragged.

Announcement that a charter has been granted to the Fulton Rotary Club was made at the weekly

luncheon of the club at the Palace Hotel. The number of the charter is 1381. The charter will be

presented by Will Keith of Chillicothe, president of the fourteenth district of International Rotary, at a

charter party on a later date. Practically the entire membership plans to attend the district convention

to be held in Jefferson City if weather and road conditions are such as to permit automobile travel

between Fulton and Jefferson City.

75 years ago (1948)

The Good Neighbor awards at the Tom Breneman 'Breakfast In Hollywood' party, sponsored by the Band

Mothers Club, were awarded to Mrs. E. B. Edney and Philip Backer and the letter nominating Miss Sadie

Hereford won honorable mention.

Mrs. Dewey Williamson, 611 Bluff Street, wrote as follows: I have the best neighbor in town, Mrs. Iva

Edney. She goes every morning to see about two elderly ladies up the street. If they are unable to go

after their groceries, she does that for them. Once a week she does their wash, returning it spic and

span. She drives one of them to Sunday School and Church and Wednesday prayer. She teaches Sunday

School. If one of her little girls don't show, she is out to see what is wrong. She makes as high as 50-100

visits to the sick per month. She is wonderful in time of sorrow. I KNOW, because she was so faithful to

me, helping me in many ways...

Miss Goldie Backer wrote the following letter about her uncle, Philip Backer: the person about whom I

am writing is 83 years of age and has long been known and referred to as the 'friendliest man in town'-

Mr. Philip Backer. Mr. Backer is a devoted husband and father and is happiest when he is doing

something for some one. He visits the sick, takes flowers to brighten their room and takes food to the

needy. He visits strangers who are confined to the hospital because of accidents on the highway or from

other causes. Yearly, he has received a Christmas card from a Japanese physician who appreciated his

visit when he was confined to the hospital after being in a wreck on Highway 40...He loves his church,

the Evangelical and Reformed Church where he has performed every duty at some time, other than

serve as the minister...

Mrs. Mary Logan Guthrie Meier of Boulder Springs, Colorado, writes: when we lived at 707 Jefferson

Street, I remember that our neighbor, Mrs. J. D. Sitton never let a birthday pass without sending over a

pan of her wonderful custard rolls...Tom Watson used to give me the thrill of my life by letting me ride

way up high on the driver's seat when he drove the bus to meet the train. Mrs. Katie Jones was so

generous to the "Guthrie girls." There were never any better neighbors than Roger and Dolly Gorrell.

Mother and I often speak of the neighbors we had on Court Street- Mrs. Polk McClanahan, Jahlie Harris,

the Bartleys, the Bush twins, the Renoes, Mrs. Charles Wilson, Goldie and Clay McGregor. I could go on

forever naming the good neighbors we had in Fulton! I would like to single out one in particular: Miss

Sadie Hereford who is remembered most fondly. She has little of this world's earthly goods, but she is

one of the most cheerful, unselfish persons I know...Best wishes for a most successful Tom Breneman

show. Wish I could be there for the fun.

50 years ago (1973)

(From an advertisement). The Dawning of Hardee's- Where the Burgers are Charco-broiled. Hardee's is

coming soon. Watch for it.

(From an advertisement). Now Open for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner. The Little Dixie Lake Concession

Stand. Complete assortment of fishing tackle. Boat and Motor rental. Everything on hand to complete

your day of fishing. Open sun up to 9:00 p. m. Little Dixie Lake, 10 miles west on 'Old Columbia Road" at


(From caption of photo by Bonnie Burden). The Clothes Cupboard is open and ready for business at the

back door of the bus station building at Fifth and Ravine Streets. Mrs. J. W. Prada, Mrs. Minnie Willett

and Dr. John Gates are all board members and volunteer workers at the clothing resale store. The low

cost clothing outlet is sponsored by the Fulton Council of Churches with assistance from many area

churches and Ecumenical Ministries. The sewing machine was donated by the family of Bill and Doug

Dawson in their memory. Mrs. Willett says it has been great help in repairing donated clothing.

25 years ago (1998)

A third Casey's General Store will open in Fulton in July at 2407 North Bluff Street. The store will have 2-

4 fulltime and 6-8 part time employees. Fulton's existing Casey's General Stores are on West Fourth

Street and Business 54 South.